1300 852 137,1300 852 159, 1300 852 156 Gaura Travel offers cheap flights to India through many different Airlines including, Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Air India, Thai Airways and more! Flights to India is what we specialize in as we are the Indian-subcontinent specialist of travel agents. We are the best travel agency if you are looking for cheap flights to India. India is a country that has many unique places to visit such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kochi, Bangalore (Bengaluru), Chennai and Hyderabad. Each and every one of these states are completely unlike the other and this is what makes India such a beautiful place to visit. Cheap flights to India will generally take up to 15 and a half hours. It is best to bring things such a reading material or tablet/mobile phones in order to keep yourself (or children) occupied and entertained. The best times to visit India is generally between the months of September to April. This is when the weather is most ideal for family activities, it is also during the times the major festivals take place. Don’t miss out, book your cheap flights to India today and experience the trip of a lifetime. Gaura Travel is now offering a brand-new exclusive 40kg baggage deal with Malaysia Airlines. Economy passengers for a limited time can enjoy travelling to South-Asia and the Indian subcontinent with 40kg of baggage for the price of a standard ticket, no extra costs. The offer is available until the 31st of May. Along with the 40kg of baggage, Gaura Travel is offering air tickets to the subcontinent for as low as $699. It is recommended that all travellers take full advantage of this offer while it’s still available as we aren’t sure when we will see something like this again. Passengers that purchase a 40kg ticket will not be relegated to front row seats, they will be able to sit anywhere in economy class!What to do with 40kgs of baggage?1. Take a Gift for All Friends and Family!Picture this, you're at the airport with your family, excited to see your loved ones back at home, you've purchased a gift for all of them and smile as you imagine their delighted faces. Unfortunately you remember that the ticket you've purchased only provides an allowance of 20kg. As you anxiously line up to check in your baggage you briefly think of the relatives and friends that will miss out on your carefully selected gifts if the bags are rejected due to weight. Finally, it's your turn, you put your bags onto the machine and to your horror, are promptly told that your baggage is overweight and that items must be taken out. With no possible alternatives, you are left with no choice but to empty your carefully packed baggage and remove certain gifts until you make the designated weight. It's a scenario that no passenger wants to think about, let alone endure. Cheap flights to India is what Gaura Travel is all about, we specialize in providing the best possible customer service in order to ensure you are worry free during your trip. Hotel packages, Gaura Travel offers the best rates for car rental, hotel bookings and flights to South Asia and the Indian subcontinent. With Malaysia Airlines' 40kg baggage allowance, bringing back gifts to all relatives and friends is not only possible, it's easy. No longer do we need to worry about leaving gifts at the airport or picking and choosing between which loved ones will receive a gift. With this special offer, no one needs to miss out. 2. Bring Extra ClothingHow many of us hate to do laundry when we are overseas? I'd wager that most of us would rather enjoy our time with friends and relatives rather than worry about having to constantly wash clothing due to a low baggage allowance. With Malaysia Airlines 40kg special deal, passengers will be able to bring double the amount of clothing that was once possible. This will guarantee that fresh clothing will be available for entirety of most long holidays and eliminates the possibility of having to constantly wash clothing instead of enjoying time with loved ones. Cheap flights to India are the service Gaura Travel specializes in, it is our mission to provide the best possible service to our customers.
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